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Microsoft considering PRT system for it’s Redmond campus

November 9, 2009


Microsoft campus in Redmond, Washington, is a unique suburban job center in the U.S., with 30,000 workers from the same company within one square mile. The area is plagued with terrible traffic congestion, and MS has announced plans to add another 12,000 workers. has proposed a unique solution for Microsoft campus expansion, personal rapid transit (PRT). PRT is a packet switched people mover, faster than a car. It solves the transit “last mile” problem on campus, making transit and carpooling more effective; thus, reduces traffic congestion.


Welcome to the transport of tomorrow

November 9, 2009

The Guardian UK

When Heathrow Terminal 5 opens next year, a network of up to 18 driver-less PRT pods will ferry people between the main terminal and its car parks, where each pod will be controlled by an internal computer and on-board sensor systems.

Welcome to the pioneering world of personal rapid transport (PRT) – a feasible technological solution to the chronic problem of traffic congestion, offering public transport with the privacy of a car.


– Video: efforts to derail mass transit in America

November 2, 2009

gmTaken for a Ride

55:32 run time

Taken for a Ride is an amazing documentary by Jim Kleina and Martha Olson that documents the efforts to derail mass transit in America.



Ever wonder why the U.S. has the worst mass transportation system in the industrialized world? Using historical footage and investigative research, this film tells how GM fought to push freeways into the inner cities of America, and push public transportation out.

Prohibiting or destroying transportation that competes with the automobile is no longer acceptable. Yet, massive subsidies to the automobile and truck transportation system, and government requirements for private subsidies to the automobile, have almost the same result. Only a small minority, in what used to be a majority, use transit, bicycles, or walk.


The Fight to Save the Streetcars and Electric Trains

The Desired Result: Drive People to Drive

General Motors’ Destruction of California Transit Systems

– Fun way to get people to take the stairs

October 23, 2009

– It’s time for new transit technology

September 23, 2009

Canada’s public transit capital infrastructure budget is in the tens of billions of taxpayers’ dollars

With that kind of federal commitment and the right technology all Canadians could have an inter-linked, automated, Public Rapid Transit (PRT) system from coast-to-coast!

Rail is not car-competitive

Heavy rail technology, like the Skytrain, hasn’t advanced in the past 50 years. Rail is large and slow. Rail is so expensive that it would be cheaper just give people cars. Really.

Urban heavy rail, like the Skytrain, has accomplished virtually zero in reducing traffic congestion, in this city or any other. (Since 1994 exactly 304,981 or 33% more NEW cars hit Vancouver roads).


– Video: the truck, car, bus and skytrain are obsolete

September 14, 2009

Vancouver could have built three PRT lines for the price of one RAV line


Watch these videos to learn about the latest in transit technology…  here’s hoping that TransLink watches too…
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