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Minister vows to cover $57m TransLink shortfall

September 7, 2009

The Province

By Stuart Hunter

B.C. Transportation Minister Shirley Bond yesterday vowed to cover a $57-million TransLink funding shortfall caused by the harmonized sales tax and pledged her support for the long-promised Evergreen rapid-transit line.

But the NDP’s transport critic Harry Bains said the proof is in the pudding.

TransLink learned in last week’s provincial budget that a repeal of a parking tax on commercial spaces in order to pave the way for the implementation of the HST in July 2010 will result in the shortfall — but Bond said Victoria is looking for answers.

“We’ll move as expeditiously as we can,” Bond said from Prince George. “We are working to find a way to deal with the revenue issues. It’s far too early to speculate about any reductions.”

TransLink commissioner Martin Crilly said last week that the authority could be looking at service cuts unless mayors find a way to generate revenue via higher fares, taxes, tolls or a vehicle levy.


Evergreen’s future is in the hands of the province

September 5, 2009

Vancouver Sun

TransLink’s broke, so Victoria must come up with new ways of funding the rapid transit line

By Craig McInnes

The bountiful harvest of headline news out of Martin Crilly’s report on TransLink this week obscured an observation that might be labelled an inconvenient truth if that title weren’t already taken by Al Gore.

Crilly is the regional transportation commissioner, a post created by the province two years ago when it remade TransLink into what it hoped would be a more effective — or compliant — organization, depending on how one interprets the motivation of then-transportation minister Kevin Falcon.

Crilly, who is also the BC Ferries commissioner, confirmed what TransLink has been asserting for the past couple of months; that it can’t afford its share of building and operating the proposed Evergreen rapid transit line, despite promises of provincial and federal funding.

That poses a problem for the province, which has promised it will be built and, with a $2.8-billion budget deficit of its own, doesn’t have a lot of spare cash sitting around right now.

But there is an even larger political problem for the province in what Crilly sees in a fundamental flaw in how TransLink operates.


Report revs up debate on road pricing

September 4, 2009

The Pattullo Bridge will be among three of five major Fraser crossings with tolls in the years ahead, leaving just the Alex Fraser and Deas Tunnel free.

By Jeff Nagel – BC Local News

TransLink’s independent commissioner is throwing his weight behind calls to impose road pricing to suck more cash out of drivers for transportation upgrades and steer them towards transit.

Martin Crilly, in a report on TransLink’s proposed 10-year plan options, says it’s time to take greater control of road use with prices.

He doesn’t spell out how how such a system could work, but the concept of a comprehensive system of road and bridge tolling has been in area plans for at least 15 years.

“If well-designed, these [mechanisms] can improve the utilization of all forms of shared transport, notably public transit as provided by TransLink, control traffic congestion and improve the overall efficiency of the urban system,” his report said.