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Keep public services public

November 30, 2009

Burnaby Now

Dear Editor:

Our public services are rapidly being taken over by private, profit-seeking corporations. More and more they are providing the services that were once provided by the public sector, which is accountable to the voters. Now new contracts are being signed between government and the private sector that are kept secret in the name of business interests.

We have no idea whether these companies are living up to their contracts; we can only monitor the quality of service they provide. Advocates for seniors in private, for-profit care facilities are finding many problems ranging from shortages of staff to poor quality food. Private companies are sub-contracting services like cleaning and care. Recently, three of these sub-contractors providing care staffing went bankrupt, causing disruption.


Get HandyDART buses rolling again

November 24, 2009

The Langley Times


The strike between the Amalgamated Transit Union and MVT Canadian Bus that has idled HandyDART has more than two sides.

There are at least 4,500 points of view if you count all those poor folks who have been stranded by the month-old dispute. And you should.

We don’t hear much from these individuals who must be struggling to get around without this valuable service. The elderly, disabled people and other vulnerable folks don’t have public relations companies or labour unions to speak for them, yet we can guess that they are either managing or staying at home with no end in sight.


TransLink ‘powerless’ to settle strike

November 20, 2009

The Province

By Frank Luba

Union wants binding arbitration, but U.S. contractor won’t go there

Thursday’s demonstration by unhappy HandyDart workers won’t force TransLink to get involved in the dispute between the company, to which it contracted out the service, and its workers.

About 150 striking members of Local 1724 of the Amalgamated Transit Union protested noisily outside a downtown Vancouver hotel where politicians and chief executives were attending the Metro Vancouver cities conference.

The union is demanding binding arbitration between it and employer MVT Canadian Bus Inc.