Montreal transit fare increase proposed

CBC News

Riding the bus or the Metro in Montreal could cost more next year, as the Montreal Transit Corp. is proposing to increase fares by two per cent, starting in January.

If the proposal is approved by Montreal council, the cost of a monthly pass for an adult would go up to $70 from the current $68.50. A single adult fare would go to $2.80 from $2.75.

Most Montrealers who ride the bus and Metro every day say they are willing to pay more, but only if it will mean better service.

The transit corporation’s vice-president Marvin Rotrand said commuters will notice a difference.

“The STM [Société de transport de Montréal] is in the middle of expanding its fleet by adding extra buses. The STM has increased its hours of services. The STM is expanding the Metro,” Rotrand said Friday.

Rotrand said higher fares are necessary because the transit corporation’s budget is at least $26 million in the red, and commuters pitching in to help cover costs is only fair.

“Having among the lowest fares in North America, the STM feels having the riders do their share as well, to financing the improvements in the system, is not controversial,” he said.

Montreal’s island-wide Agglomeration Council will decide whether to approve the proposed fare increase at its meeting next month.

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