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– TransLink stupidity on Canada Line

August 19, 2009

TransLink plans to institute fare-gates or turnstiles, along with smart cards, at the Canada Line stations, but not until 2012.

Image shows smart card in use since 2002 in the SF Bay Area, USA

TransLink management once again shows their incompetence. Turnstiles and smart card technology has been in wide use around the world for years! Existing technology can be bought off the shelf. Yet it will take TransLink three years to figure it out?

Park and Ride – Translink just doesn’t get it. The entire Canada Line has only ONE parking lot. Make it easy for people to use the train by having parking lots at every station. Or are they saving the land to build retail stores to increase profit levels, rather than SERVICE levels?

Fares – Because the Canada Line is operated by a for-profit business, rather than a public entity, fare rates have skyrocketed to $3.75 for one zone. Expect that to increase to $4 during the olympics, and no doubt stay at that price. Rip-off!  (In Dallas Texas a single-ride ticket is $1.50 and a Local Day Pass is $3).

NOTE TO TRANSDINK MANAGEMENT: Start listening to your customers and operators, rather than just the bank manager and your business pals.