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– Transit money available: premier

September 19, 2009

Ottawa Citizen

By Mohammed Adam

Says province expects to put more into multibillion-dollar project

OTTAWA — Dalton McGuinty has given the clearest indication yet that the province will support Ottawa’s multibillion-dollar transit project, saying the Liberals will provide more money for the new plan.

The premier told reporters Friday that it is unrealistic to expect that the $200 million the province provided as its contribution to the cancelled north-south rail line will be enough to modernize the city’s transit system.

“I think any sensible assessment of our needs in this community when it comes to a modern transit system is going to require more than $200 million from the people of Ontario through their provincial government,” he said.


Student bus pass issue back to council

September 2, 2009


Committee votes to reverse age limit

By Kate Jaimet

OTTAWA — Mature students were given hope for cheaper bus passes Tuesday as city council’s transit committee unanimously passed a resolution asking council to reverse its decision to cap the age for student transit passes at 27.

However, the resolution still has to be debated by full city council next Wednesday, and it’s expected to face a rough ride from councillors unwilling to re-open the city budget.

“When it rises to council next week, it will take 18 votes out of 24 to reverse that budget decision taken last year,” Bay Councillor Alex Cullen said. “We will have to deal with, where does that extra $220,000 come from? Because we are not going to send out an extra tax bill.”