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– TransLink Directors have no experience in transportation

August 18, 2009

STOP THE ELITE from designing our transit system!

No wonder TransLink gets it wrong most of the time. Here's one director: looks about 80 years old?
No wonder TransLink gets it wrong most of the time.  Even the chair person has NO transportation, customer service, union, or small business experience.

After reading the Bio’s of the Directors it has become clear why TransLink management is so screwed up.  They’re either friends of the Liberal regime, or accountants, economists, investment bankers, ex-PR flacks, and of course, lawyers. > All director bio’s

NOT one of these people has had to ride a bus or Skytrain most of their lives. Each are completely out-of-touch with transit users. And there is NOT one person on the Board or Management representing the CUSTOMERS of TransLink.

The Board and Management must begin to LISTEN to Customers and Operators.