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– Canada Line a good start; now let’s fix everything else

August 17, 2009

Vancouver Sun

By Miro Cernetig

I love the smell of new infrastructure in the morning — the fresh paint, new plastic, polished steel. It’s like Canada a generation or so ago, when our cities were bright and shiny and there was hardly ever gum on your bus seat.

We were transported back to that era Monday, with the opening of the new $2-billion Canada Line, connecting downtown Vancouver to the international airport and Richmond. There were even free rides for all to try out our new spick-and-span subway.

It evokes the time Canada was on a public spending splurge — building bridges, blacktopping highways and tunnelling beneath city streets with abandon. Back then our cities were the envy of the world.

Not so much anymore.

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Evergreen Line in danger without another $450 million per year, says TransLink

July 31, 2009

The Province

By Frank Luba

TransLink needs another $450 million in revenue annually or it won’t build the Evergreen Line — or add much other needed transportation.

The South Coast B.C. Transportation Authority believes it can only raise $275 million of that from its existing sources of revenue plus one it has tried and failed to institute before, a vehicle levy now called a Transportation Improvement Fee.

The range on that levy would be between $65 and $165, with an average of $122, and it would raise $150 million annually.

A further $175 million would have to come from new sources that would have to be approved the provincial government.

TransLink CEO Tom Prendergast identified a potential source of that cash Thursday as road pricing, which turns roads and bridges into a commodity with a value like cell phone costs.