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– Land-use planning running behind transit infrastructure

August 15, 2009

Special to the Vancouver Sun

By Bob Ransford

Monday, the Richmond-Airport-Vancouver Rapid Transit Project, now known as the Canada Line, will begin operating.

This $2-billion-plus public infrastructure project has been in the works for nine years now.

Two weeks ago, Vancouver city council approved the terms of reference for a planning program that will end up in the fall of 2011 with policies in place that direct how development might occur within a 500-metre radius around four of the transit stations along the Cambie corridor south of 16th Avenue. No plans are in place yet for special re-development around the two other stations outside the downtown.

Once the new policies are in place, it will likely take any property owner at least another two years to rezone a property for higher density redevelopment around these transit stations. Construction will take about two more years, with the first of any new transit-influenced housing or commercial development along the Cambie corridor opening its doors in late 2015 at the earliest.

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