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Glitch overcharges Golden Ears Bridge passholders

September 9, 2009

CBC News

Some commuters crossing the Golden Ears Bridge claim they are paying more than they should because the automated tolling system is mistakenly overcharging some drivers.

Rick Cluff, host of The Early Edition, CBC Radio’s Metro Vancouver morning show, told TransLink spokesman Drew Snider Tuesday that the electronic system appears to be having difficulty reading licence plates in the dark.

“We’re hearing from some regular commuters on that bridge, claiming they’re being overcharged with the Quickpass program because when it’s dark outside, the cameras can’t read the licence plate properly, and they’re charged full price and not the discount price,” said Cluff.


Report revs up debate on road pricing

September 4, 2009

The Pattullo Bridge will be among three of five major Fraser crossings with tolls in the years ahead, leaving just the Alex Fraser and Deas Tunnel free.

By Jeff Nagel – BC Local News

TransLink’s independent commissioner is throwing his weight behind calls to impose road pricing to suck more cash out of drivers for transportation upgrades and steer them towards transit.

Martin Crilly, in a report on TransLink’s proposed 10-year plan options, says it’s time to take greater control of road use with prices.

He doesn’t spell out how how such a system could work, but the concept of a comprehensive system of road and bridge tolling has been in area plans for at least 15 years.

“If well-designed, these [mechanisms] can improve the utilization of all forms of shared transport, notably public transit as provided by TransLink, control traffic congestion and improve the overall efficiency of the urban system,” his report said.


– Tolls don’t deter drivers from using Golden Ears Bridge

August 28, 2009

Vancouver Sun

By Kelly Sinoski

METRO VANCOUVER – Tolls aren’t stopping people from crossing the Golden Ears Bridge. TransLink said in its first month of tolling — from July 16 to Aug. 15 — some 621,000 vehicles used the bridge between Langley and Maple Ridge.

While the figure is half the 1.2 million vehicles that crossed the bridge in its first toll-free month, TransLink spokesman Drew Snider said the number is still higher than expected, translating to an average of 21,000 cars a day.

About 88.5 per cent of the vehicles crossing the bridge during that time were classified as cars; small trucks accounted for 7.5 per cent and large trucks and motorcycles made up two per cent each of the total.

About 31 per cent of those had transponders. Some 25,000 vehicles have been registered for the devices, which offer drivers a discount on tolls.

Snider said the retention rate comparing the traffic prior to tolling and afterwards is about 55 per cent, higher than the 45 per cent that had been projected. But he said it’s still to early to determine a trend for the bridge, noting TransLink will have a better idea of the Golden Ears commute once people head back to school and work after the Labour Day weekend.

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