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– Liberals trying to gain control of municipal land use policy

August 19, 2009

The Straight

By Elizabeth Murphy

The B.C. government is using transit to gain provincial control of municipal land-use policy.

Two long-term plans affecting land-use policy across the Lower Mainland are in consultation processes: “Metro Vancouver 2040” and “Transport 2040”.

Metro Vancouver is replacing its “Livable Region Strategic Plan” with a new plan, the “Metro Vancouver 2040—Regional Growth Strategy” (Metro 2040).

At the same time, TransLink is seeking funding for a 30-year transportation plan, comprising 10-year rolling plans, called “Transport 2040: A Transportation Strategy for Metro Vancouver, Now and in the Future” (Transport 2040).

The document states: “TransLink’s Transport 2040 and Metro Vancouver’s updated Regional Growth Strategy have been drafted in parallel, with the two strategies closely tied together and mutually reinforcing.”

Transport 2040 also contains the following flow chart:

There are three main areas of concern. The first is the undemocratic nature of TransLink and how the province has empowered TransLink to implement its Transport 2040 transportation plan that overrides regional and municipal plans.

The second is the Transport 2040 proposal to fund transit using real-estate development with Hong Kong as the model.

The third is the Metro Vancouver 2040 proposal that implements Transport 2040’s Hong Kong model of development-funded transit.

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