– Video: efforts to derail mass transit in America

gmTaken for a Ride

55:32 run time

Taken for a Ride is an amazing documentary by Jim Kleina and Martha Olson that documents the efforts to derail mass transit in America.



Ever wonder why the U.S. has the worst mass transportation system in the industrialized world? Using historical footage and investigative research, this film tells how GM fought to push freeways into the inner cities of America, and push public transportation out.

Prohibiting or destroying transportation that competes with the automobile is no longer acceptable. Yet, massive subsidies to the automobile and truck transportation system, and government requirements for private subsidies to the automobile, have almost the same result. Only a small minority, in what used to be a majority, use transit, bicycles, or walk.


The Fight to Save the Streetcars and Electric Trains

The Desired Result: Drive People to Drive

General Motors’ Destruction of California Transit Systems

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