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PODCARS – A Personal Rapid Transit primer

September 9, 2009

Seattle Transportation Examiner

United States

By David Gow

This year has seen an increasing stream of news, included, about the mass transit alternative concept Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) — also known as “podcars.”

Stories on podcars are usually followed by discussions among readers speculating about what PRT is, how it would work, or why is it needed. Answers tend not to resolve their questions to any great satisfaction.

I have some insights into the subject, having observed PRT development for nearly twenty years. Wider public understanding is needed about PRT, because there are two PRT projects that are to begin operating soon — short initial phases of what could become larger PRT-based transit networks.  In the next few years, your community could start thinking about adding PRT to existing transit services, and your thumbs-up or thumbs-down needs to be an informed one.