SkyTrain Billions Better Spent on Trams: Study

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The Tyee

David Beers

Money for single UBC subway line could pay for region laced by light rail.

The planned SkyTrain subway spur along Broadway and out to the University of British Columbia campus will cost taxpayers 15 times what it would take to build a tram line along the same route.

In fact, for the $2.8 billion cost of the single 12 kilometre SkyTrain tube from Commercial Drive to UBC, Vancouver could build 175 km of tram lines crisscrossing the city and beyond.

That is the finding of a study led by Prof. Patrick Condon of the UBC Design Centre for Sustainability. His team based their calculations on the recent experiences of Portland, Oregon, and various European cities with light rail transit.

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Privatizing compassion: Squeezing a profit from HandyDART

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Common Ground
by Dean Brown

A chilling rain falls in the Vancouver night. I sit in a bus outside St. Paul’s Hospital preparing to board a group of kidney dialysis patients and take them home. Exhausted by their ordeal of being hooked up to a machine for four hours, some of them shuffle forward on their own steam, determined and steady in their step, not too advanced in the disease. Some are slumped half asleep in a wheelchair. They are quiet, leaning on my arm, humbled by the unwanted circumstance of kidney failure.

It’s a busy and sunny afternoon at GF Strong Rehab Centre. All sorts of passengers board and unboard my bus. Some are in complicated chairs with respirators, gamely overcoming head injuries. Some wobble along with walkers while others dart around in sleek, manual wheelchairs, long recovered from that devastating back injury. There are myriad mobility aids that need to be folded, secured, tied down and belted.

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Montreal transit fare increase proposed

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CBC News

Riding the bus or the Metro in Montreal could cost more next year, as the Montreal Transit Corp. is proposing to increase fares by two per cent, starting in January.

If the proposal is approved by Montreal council, the cost of a monthly pass for an adult would go up to $70 from the current $68.50. A single adult fare would go to $2.80 from $2.75.

Most Montrealers who ride the bus and Metro every day say they are willing to pay more, but only if it will mean better service.

The transit corporation’s vice-president Marvin Rotrand said commuters will notice a difference.

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TransLink directors don’t get it

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Surrey Leader


By Frank Bucholtz

Metro directors see no problem with their big pay hike” reads the headline on a story appearing on Black Press Lower Mainland newspaper websites – a story which also appeared in many of those newspapers.

It seems Metro Vancouver directors have no problem taking an additional 25 per cent this year. After all, it’s our money, and they see themselves as deserving of every penny they get.

They may not have a problem with their pay hikes, but many taxpayers do. We are being asked to pay more in property taxes each year – some of which goes to service the bloated Metro political structure.

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It’s simple: Put in the turnstiles

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The Province


TransLink, our toothless regional transportation agency, just doesn’t seem to get it. It keeps saying it is starved of cash and needs to raise more money from metro residents.

Yet it continues to lose badly needed funding because it is unwilling to tackle the continuing problem of widespread fare evasion.

Not only are freeloaders costing the transit system millions of dollars annually in unpaid fares, they’re also avoiding paying millions in fines levied against them by transit police.

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Olympic transit passes on sale Friday

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Good for six weeks February 8 to March 21, 2010

TransLink’s souvenir Olympic transit passes go on sale Friday.  The ‘Games Transit Passes’ can be used during a six-week period from February 8 to March 21, 2010.

The credit-card-sized passes feature winter sport images and sell for 1.5 times the price of a regular FareCard.  TransLink is promoting the cards as a great ‘stocking stuffer’ for Christmas. They are only available while supplies last at FareDealer locations.

One zone – $110 — Two zone – $149 — Three zone – $204

Community Transit debuts ‘Swift’ line

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Swift buses will operate on a 17-mile corridor in Snohomish County between Everett Station and the Aurora Village Transit Center in Shoreline, primarily along Highway 99. (Community Transit photo)

When Community Transit’s new Swift Bus Rapid Transit service debuts this weekend, it will be the first Bus Rapid Transit line in Washington state and at 17 miles, one of the longest in the country.

“More than 18,000 people have come out to check out the buses. There has been a lot of buzz,” said Martin Munguia, a spokesman for Community Transit in Snohomish County.

So why do they call it “Swift?” During weekdays, Swift buses will run every 10 minutes from 12 stations between Everett and Shoreline along the State Route 99 corridor, each one to two miles apart.

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