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– West Van passenger ferry service set to sail

October 28, 2009

North Shore Outlook

By Rebecca Aldous

After 62 years, West Vancouver will see a return of a passenger ferry at the 14th Street Pier at Ambleside Landing.

Starting next month, Coastal Link Ferries Limited will offer six weekday trips to downtown’s Bute Street Dock in Coal Harbour — 7:30 a.m., 8 a.m., 8:30 a.m., 4:30 p.m., 5 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.

Sail time will take between seven and eight minutes, 15 minutes when including embarking and disembarking, said Ihab Shaker, owner of the 67-passenger ferry that already runs between Bowen Island and Coal Harbour.


– A $400,000 TransLink mistake

October 5, 2009

Vancouver Sun

TransLink’s new SeaBus won’t fit in terminal

VANCOUVER — TransLink must refurbish its SeaBus terminals so a new lighter ship won’t hit the terminal overhangs at high tide, TransLink officials said Friday.

Because the new vessel is lighter, it sits higher in the water and closer to the overhangs, said Michelle Blake, director of engineering and project services at Translink.

Despite the additional work, the new ship is still expected to begin taking passengers as planned by late December or early January within the projected budget of $25 million, Blake said.

Engineers discovered the problem during final checks of the boat in the shipyard, said Sheri Plewes, vice-president of capital management and engineering at TransLink.

“We had a minimal clearance, which we felt was not acceptable at high tide,” Plewes said.

Work on the western terminal on the North Shore already has been completed, and the three other terminals will be completed before launch of the new vessel, Blake said.


How can anything like this be caused by tides? The seabus terminals go up and down with the tide so the seabus should be the same height in the water at high tide or at low tide.

– A lost transit opportunity

August 20, 2009

Times Colonist

If you’re planning to leave the car at home, take the ferry to Tsawwassen and hook up with the Canada Line rapid transit to get into Vancouver, good for you — but be prepared for a long ride.

Islanders — and tourists bound in this direction — appear to be an afterthought in the planning for transit links to the shiny new subway line. Although buses are scheduled to coincide with ferry arrivals and connect to the Canada Line at Bridgeport station in Richmond, no express runs exist. Riders will take almost 45 minutes to travel the 20 kilometres between ferry terminal and SkyTrain station on the old No. 620 route, making 11 stops along the way.

A real opportunity to get cars off the road is being lost here. How many potential transit users will look at the weak link between Tsawwassen and Richmond and opt for the convenience and saved time of simply taking their own vehicles?

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