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Langford versus regional planning

November 14, 2009

Goldstream News Gazette

By Edward Hill

Regional transit and trail projects are falling afoul in Langford as the city butts heads with planners at BC Transit and Capital Regional District Parks.

BC Transit is moving ahead with its Victoria Regional Rapid Transit plan without a Langford leg clearly in place. For the E&N rail-trail, Langford has asked CRD Parks to stop work on the project, which broke ground in late October.


– Light rail lawsuit discussion behind closed doors

October 9, 2009

Ottawa Sun


OTTAWA – City council is ready to offer $36.7 million to settle its outstanding $217-million lawsuit stemming from the north-south light rail plan that was cancelled in 2007.

Councillors and the city solicitor remained silent about the deal after a five-hour closed-door briefing ended Wednesday afternoon.

“I can’t discuss a matter before the court,” said city solicitor Rick O’Connor.


– No light at end of TransLink funding tunnel

October 8, 2009


North Shore News

Elizabeth James

“Public accountability means the obligation of authorities to explain publicly, fully and fairly, before and after the fact, how they are carrying out responsibilities that affect the public in important ways.”

Henry E. McCandless, former principal in the Office of the Auditor General of Canada

By Oct. 30, the regional mayors’ council must decide if it will approve TransLink plans to raise $450 million annually in new funding.

In casting his vote as the North Shore’s representative, city councillor Craig Keating is on the horns of a dilemma.

Keating usually supports green initiatives, and public transit fits the bill. This time, however, he might decide to proceed with caution.

TransLink’s insatiable appetite for regional dollars poses a serious threat to Metro municipalities who need to raise taxes for all of the other services in their mandate. Furthermore, taxpayers sense that if they agree to half a billion this year, it’s only a matter of time before TransLink comes back for more.


– Foot ferry is viable: Mayor

October 7, 2009

By Walter Cordery, The Daily News

City ready and willing to help businesses with plans to run a Nanaimo-Vancouver service

Despite previous failed attempts to run a passenger-only ferry service between Nanaimo and Vancouver, Mayor John Ruttan believes it can be a viable run and says the city is willing to help potential operators establish another service.

Ruttan said that Pacific Coach Lines’ decision to eliminate its bus link between Duke Point and Vancouver International Airport due to a lack of ridership makes it the time to re-examine the idea of a passenger-only ferry service. A vessel that docks in Vancouver by the Seabus terminal would give passengers access to both downtown and the Vancouver airport via the SkyTrain’s Canada Line.


– TransLink’s Broadway transit gambit condemned

October 7, 2009

The Straight

By Matthew Burrows

Burnaby mayor Derek Corrigan believes the possible development of rapid transit along Broadway has blinkered Vancouver politicians to the funding constraints facing a regional transit authority he calls “bankrupt”.

“I think that Vancouver very much has seized on the idea that somehow they are going to get a Broadway line out of this and that there is a campaign issue for them [Vision Vancouver],” Corrigan told the Georgia Straight by phone.

Because TransLink is in such a financial crunch, its TransLink 2010 10-Year Plan has laid out a “base plan” along with two supplementary funding options, each with a varying price tag to get out of the hole.


– Vancouver Mayor releases more happy talk about being ‘green’ while ignoring advanced transit technology

October 2, 2009

Ah, more vacuous happy talk from the Mayor – this time it’s Vancouver as a ‘green city’… wow, how untrue now or in the future. If we were to employ advanced transit technology (PRT) instead of 18th Century locomotives; and started to reduce the hundreds of thousands of cars on city roads – Gregor’s ad campaign just might makes sense. Gregor’s P.R. hype does nothing to improve the lives of citizens… it’s just business development promotion. If our Happy Mayor was really serious about being Green he would promote advanced technology.