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– Thanks to Campbell fares going up

October 25, 2009

ED. Because of the three billion dollars spent on the RAV (Canada Line) by order of Campbell – who would only fund heavy rail – TransLink is now broke.  Does BC Place really need a half billion dollar new roof?

Gas tax, parking, and transit fares to rise dramatically

Metro Vancouver mayors voted Friday to increase the regional gas tax and transit fares as a way to raise $130 million to help keep the region’s transportation system running.

Evergreen Line, linking Burnaby and Coquitlam, cancelled.

Regional gas tax rising by three cents from 12-cents per litre to 15- cents per litre.

Holders of FareSaver tickets and monthly passes will see prices go up by about 11 percent.

The first fare increase to transit fares is coming on April 1, 2010, but will not affect all fares.

A one-zone fare will remain at $2.50 and a two-zone fare will stay at $3.75. But books of Fare Zone tickets will go up to $21 from $19 for one zone and to $31.49 from $28.50 for two zones.

The cost of monthly fare cards also will go up — to $81.03 from $73 for one zone and to $109.99 from $99 for two zones.

Cash fares will remain the same.

– EVERGREEN LINE: Wanting & working may not be enough to get station

October 23, 2009

Tri-City News

By Diane Strandberg

If Port Moody residents want a third Evergreen Line station at the western end of the city, they’ll have to work to get it.

That was the suggestion of one official speaking at a meeting regarding the preliminary design plans for Evergreen.

Raymond Louie, a TransLink official who worked on the Canada Line, said developers and the community actively pursued locations for some of the stations on the Vancouver-to-Richmond transit project — and got their wish.

But affordability and ridership will determine whether a third station is viable in Port Moody, he said.

The concern is that adding a third station will simply draw riders from other stations, thus adding costs without increasing ridership.


– New Canada Line already outdated

October 23, 2009

ED. The continued incompetence of TransLink management is well documented in this must-read Letter to the Editor.

Richmond News
Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Does anyone else out there feel like I do?

Congratulations TransLink! You have designed a system that is already outdated. The new Canada Line is crammed to the doors during rush hour and there is virtually no room for expansion. What are you going to do in five years when the population of Richmond has grown 20 per cent?

Go green? What a joke. I’m thinking about going back to my car. At 60 years old, I’m getting very tired of paying $100 a month to be crammed in, having to stand, and being pushed and shoved for 30 minutes.


– Can’t imagine daily bus rush

October 22, 2009

Peace Arch News

Letter to the Editor

I have not noticed any further comments on the new transportation arrangements to Vancouver.

Yesterday, I went “into town” to one of the art shops I patronize.

Previously, it took me 40-50 minutes to arrive at my destination. This time, the bus left White Rock Centre close to 5 p.m., with me arriving at the Broadway store at 6:40 – almost in tears.

A blooming disaster, if anyone would’ve asked me!

The Canada Line was standing room only – all the way – unable to find a comfortable spot where I felt secure. The 99 B-line was packed full, a young woman graciously ceded her seat to me. Great speed and dexterity used to “debus.”

The return trip was only one hour, but would not have been for my luck and age, as I was one of only four passengers that got on that bus – another 20 were left behind.

Three more minutes is nothing, you say. It adds up.

Standing squished next to driver, I dared ask if it is always this busy at this time. No, it is like this all day long, since the 98 B-line was taken out, he replied, just as gently.

Then, I was swept up to the Canada Line in mad rush. This time I, like most other rude people, walked on before all “detrained” and grab myself one of just a few seats available at that instant.

I do not understand why or how commuters accept this situation; can’t imagine this on a daily basis.

Alicia M.B. Ballard, White Rock

– Train offers miserable experience

October 19, 2009

from Rail for the Valley

by zweisystem

More unhappiness from South of the Fraser – From the Delta Optimist – Train offers miserable experience

It seems that the RAV/Canada Line is not swaying the transit customer’s minds to happily use the metro. It’s crowded, but over crowding could be the result of TransLink deliberately underestimating Richmond and South of the Fraser buses ridership, to crow about packed trains to a very complacent media. Obviously, TransLink isn’t operating enough capacity on the RAV/Canada line, to meet the capacity of buses serving the metro. Why is there not enough cars to handle all the bus traffic serving the metro?


– Olympic traffic plan could leave a lasting legacy — but it will depend on us

October 19, 2009

from Rail for the Valley

By zweisystem

The editors at the Vancouver Sun have never grasped the realities of the many transit issues in Vancouver, let alone the challenges of the ‘Olympic‘ road closures.

The problem in METRO Vancouver is that transit planners have always seized the latest “flavour of the month” in transit operation from light-metro to GLT and revenue gathering such as road tolling, congestion charge, etc., but seldom if ever read the fine print. The same transit bureaucrats then create transit policies espoused by politicians, who again seldom, if ever read the fine print.