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– Calgary Mayor awards west LRT contract

November 5, 2009

Calgary Herald

By Jason Markusof

First train set to run December 2012

Jim Burke, executive vice-president with SNC Lavalin, holds drawings of the west LRT project after it was announced Thursday that Lavalin was awarded the contract. Photograph by: Dean Bicknell, Calgary Herald, Calgary Herald

CALGARY- The start-to-finish construction of the west LRT line in three years may sound like a gargantuan undertaking.

But for the company the city has hired to build the light-rail line, it’s a lesser feat than one it accomplished earlier this year: the Vancouver Skytrain’s downtown-to-airport Canada Line. (more…)

– Calgary Transit rejects ad featuring naked baby

October 17, 2009

Calgary Herald

By Richard Cuthbertson

Since rising to international prominence in 1998, Australian-born Ron Mueck has developed a unique contemporary practice that extends the traditional desire in Western art to take artistic representation to the limits of realism. His extremely popular, uncannily realistic sculptures continually shock contemporary art sensibilities with the reminder that the essentials of the human condition — birth and death, love and loneliness, body and mind — are still, today, worthy subjects for art, and can be powerfully evoked through inert materials formed in our likeness, but not, exactly, like us.

Sculpture by Ron Mueck

Calgary Transit has rejected an advertisement for the Glenbow Museum that shows the giant sculpture of a naked newborn child.

The transit authority says it was a judgment call on its part and it was concerned some members of the public might be put off by the five-metre-long sculpture, in particular by the umbilical cord.

Spokeswoman Theresa Keddy said while Calgary Transit wants to support art in the city, it has to be mindful of community standards and the opinions of all Calgarians.


– Transit torment

September 23, 2009

ED.  And just to confirm that incompetence is apparent  in other provinces

Metro – Calgary


City may axe Quarry Park hub to speed Rapid line

City transit planners may slash a major hub on its southeast Bus Rapid Transit line to quell angry riders whose commute times have soared.

Three weeks after implementing what the city touted as a speedier transit alternative for long-suffering southeast commuters, administration is now considering going back to the drawing board to address concerns over increased travel times.

And that may include the city axing one of the route’s 12 stops — the Quarry Park hub — in an effort to reduce how long it takes for the high capacity shuttles to get downtown.

“We’ve looked at bypassing Quarry Park and that could probably save about four minutes and may provide some relief,” said Neil McKendrick, the city’s manager of transit planning, who admits his office has been inundated by calls from vexed riders — some spending up to an extra 40 minutes on their commute.

“We’re trying to do our best to improve travel times and we may have to make some changes.”

Quarry Park is a major industrial and residential development that when completed will have as many as 9,000 workers and 2,000 homes.

Southeast Ald. Ric McIver said he’s also been getting an earful from transit users and has been demanding administration come up with solutions to the problem.

“There is big-time unhappiness and I consider this an extremely high priority,” he said.

“Who wants to give up an extra 40 minutes a day?”

McKendrick said the primary cause of increased transit times is because express buses no longer use Deerfoot Trail as the primary artery to the downtown core.

– Transportation impacts affordable residency

September 23, 2009

Calgary Herald

By Bob Ransford

One of the keys to making housing more affordable is transportation.

The cost of housing in communities with a robust range of transportation choices, especially with well-developed public transit systems, is generally lower.

You can concentrate more people in one area if they can move about efficiently without the need for roads and parking, which consume both land and the dollars to build them. Higher density means more efficient land use and a lower cost of housing on a per-home basis.

A second cost-saving comes from being able to avoid or decrease dependency on a car.

Owning and operating a car is an expensive undertaking.

Good transportation planning and good land-use planning go hand in hand. One can’t be achieved without the other.


– Calgary Transit security understaffed, city safety audit finds

September 12, 2009

CBC News


An audit of Calgary’s transit system, commissioned by the city after the killing of a woman near a C-Train station last year, concludes it’s very safe, but recommends tripling the number of transit security officers.

The 130-page report, which was written by a consulting company, canvassed passengers, looked at crime statistics and examined spending on transit safety. It was verbally presented to a city subcommittee on Thursday.

Ninety-three per cent of respondents said they felt safe using Calgary Transit during the day, but that confidence plummeted to 38 per cent among users at night, according to the study.

It found transit security is extremely understaffed compared to North American averages and recommended tripling the number of transit officers in Calgary.