Langford versus regional planning

Goldstream News Gazette

By Edward Hill

Regional transit and trail projects are falling afoul in Langford as the city butts heads with planners at BC Transit and Capital Regional District Parks.

BC Transit is moving ahead with its Victoria Regional Rapid Transit plan without a Langford leg clearly in place. For the E&N rail-trail, Langford has asked CRD Parks to stop work on the project, which broke ground in late October.

Putting the brakes on rapid transit

For the time being, Langford is off the map of BC Transit’s preferred Victoria regional rapid transit (VRRT) corridor. In Langford, the VRRT corridor was sited along E&N rail line and Goldstream Avenue to Colwood Corners.

Mayor Stew Young said Langford has no interest in tearing up Goldstream for rapid transit lanes, especially with a rail line bisecting the city. The E&N corridor could move people to the Six Mile hub, Young said, which still meshes with BC Transit’s plan to move people along the Trans-Canada Highway to Uptown.

Young is convinced BC Transit plans to run buses as its travel mode, despite the corporation insisting the technology hasn’t been selected. Widening Goldstream for bus lanes isn’t in the cards, Young said.



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