– Burnaby mayor criticial of TransLink spending on studies

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John Ackermann

Derek Corrigan: TransLink spending money it doesn’t have

BURNABY (NEWS1130) – TransLink is on the hot seat, and its directors are being accused of spending millions of dollars they don’t have, to study projects that probably won’t happen.

The transit authority will spend $5 million to study further expanding rapid transit in Surrey, and the same amount to study a rapid transit line out to UBC…both projects that TransLink currently doesn’t have the money to fund.  TransLink’s Ken Hardie defends the money spent on the studies.  “These studies need to be done.  Doing them now will save us time and money later on when the funding is finally available.”

Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan–who was against last Friday’s vote to give TransLink a financial lifeline–says enough with the ‘pie-in-the-sky’ stuff already.  “They’re spending money on things that probably are not likely to happen in my lifetime and I can imagine that there are going to be many many more reports, and many more expenditures of money in the future that will likely change everything they’re deciding now.”


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