– Rural residents tired of getting stuck with the bill

Aldergrove Star

Letter to the Editor

Regarding the increased taxes for TransLink. Here we go again… rural, unserviced taxpayers paying more to support urban services.

We rural taxpayers are screaming for service and now I have to pay three cents more per litre for my gasoline so I can get to work in 25 minutes because a bus would take me one and a half hours.

As for the Aldergrove Border Crossing opening at 5 a.m. during the Olympics… shake your head… The statistics quoted may be correct, but that crossing gets little crossing during the wee hours simply because it’s not open.

Do they really think that we enjoy driving to Sumas to cross the border just to drive back to Aldergrove? Open the gate, and people will use it.

D. Atkinson, Aldergrove

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