– Campbell says Evergreen Line will go ahead

ED. Here we go again… Campbell is again demanding that heavy rail be used on the Evergreen line…. regardless of the fact that major cities across north America and around the world are choosing rapid light rail – rather than the extremely more expensive heavy rail Skytrain technology.  Why is that?  And now I predict the Evergreen line will be built by for-profit private business (his developer friends). This again shows Campbell’s lack of understanding about transportation issues; and his right-wing philosophy about letting big business run things.

News 1130

METRO VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Gordon Campbell continues to say the Evergreen Line will go ahead, despite Metro Mayors voting against the necessary funding needed for TransLink to expand the system.

The vote put the fate of the Evergreen Line in question, but Campbell remains optimistic it will be built. “The federal government is a huge partner in the Evergreen Line, they’ve come to the table for that urban transit system, the provincial government is a major partner in the Evergreen Line. I’m sure we’ll be to find ways that we can move forward so that we have the kind of public transit that is going to be necessary for the long term health of this region.”

It’s the first time Campbell has spoken about the line since the mayors’ vote, and the first time he’s alluded to the possibility of TransLink not being involved.

Campbell wouldn’t say if other funding options for the mega project are being explored.

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