– Thanks to Campbell fares going up

ED. Because of the three billion dollars spent on the RAV (Canada Line) by order of Campbell – who would only fund heavy rail – TransLink is now broke.  Does BC Place really need a half billion dollar new roof?

Gas tax, parking, and transit fares to rise dramatically

Metro Vancouver mayors voted Friday to increase the regional gas tax and transit fares as a way to raise $130 million to help keep the region’s transportation system running.

Evergreen Line, linking Burnaby and Coquitlam, cancelled.

Regional gas tax rising by three cents from 12-cents per litre to 15- cents per litre.

Holders of FareSaver tickets and monthly passes will see prices go up by about 11 percent.

The first fare increase to transit fares is coming on April 1, 2010, but will not affect all fares.

A one-zone fare will remain at $2.50 and a two-zone fare will stay at $3.75. But books of Fare Zone tickets will go up to $21 from $19 for one zone and to $31.49 from $28.50 for two zones.

The cost of monthly fare cards also will go up — to $81.03 from $73 for one zone and to $109.99 from $99 for two zones.

Cash fares will remain the same.

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