– New Canada Line already outdated

ED. The continued incompetence of TransLink management is well documented in this must-read Letter to the Editor.

Richmond News
Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Does anyone else out there feel like I do?

Congratulations TransLink! You have designed a system that is already outdated. The new Canada Line is crammed to the doors during rush hour and there is virtually no room for expansion. What are you going to do in five years when the population of Richmond has grown 20 per cent?

Go green? What a joke. I’m thinking about going back to my car. At 60 years old, I’m getting very tired of paying $100 a month to be crammed in, having to stand, and being pushed and shoved for 30 minutes.

I was stunned to read in the Richmond papers that TransLink expects ridership to increase. Where? By riding on the roof? Get real. People work during the day. They start in the morning and go home in the evening and yet you have failed to foresee these numbers. In the real engineering world, if you failed this badly, you would never get another job, ever!

The station length precludes the addition of more cars.

I have been riding the Canada Line for over a month now and you have done nothing to improve conditions.

The situation is ripe for pick-pockets. I’ve already had a suspicious incident.

On my very first train ride I witnessed a shouting match because of overcrowding. On Monday this week, I witnessed a young man selling drugs two feet outside the Brighouse station.

This morning, a suspicious person in a green jacket asked to see my ticket. When I asked politely to see some ID, he left the area. I think he was looking to snatch a wallet. Green Canada Line jackets are for sale on eBay.

Last week I heard a UBC student brag how he travels from UBC to Richmond free. He gets on at Brighouse (no ticket required) and then gets on the back door a 99 at Broadway (no ticket required).

Two weeks ago I had to ask the connecting bus driver why he was doddling along at 20 kph for the last 100 metres before the Brighouse station when a departing train was about to leave.

He had no idea of the train schedule and the fact that 15 people on his bus now had to wait 12 more minutes for the next train. How insane is that? The system is in chaos and it’s only two months old.

Does anyone in your office actually get out there and look at the situation? To me it’s obvious what is needed immediately.

The YVR train from downtown is always less utilized, and between Bridgeport and YVR is never full in rush hour. So, run them every third train instead of every second. Two to Brighouse, then one to YVR. Increase train frequency from three minutes to two effective immediately, before you have a crowding disaster.

I have told you before, TransLink, if you cannot and will not run the transportation system properly, get out of the business and let people who know what they are doing do their job.

Barrie Hobkirk, Richmond

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