– SkyTrain tunnel leaks water, lack of maintenance?


By Jeff Nagel – BC Local News

SkyTrain users who ride to or from downtown at night are going to face two months of significant delays while crews work to stop water leaking into the rapid transit line’s underground tunnel.

The maintenance work, needed to deal with long-running water seepage into the Dunsmuir Tunnel below downtown, will happen starting at 9:45 p.m. most weeknights from Oct. 14 to Dec. 11.

“It’s a little bit of a wrinkle – especially for those people who work late shifts,” said TransLink spokesman Derek Zabel. “It could add anywhere 15 to 20 minutes on their travel time.”

When the work is underway, passengers will have to change trains at Stadium station. Trains going from there to Granville, Burrard and Waterfront Station will take turns using one tunnel while work proceeds on the other.

Zabel said the turning back of trains will mean some delays and inconvenience for crowds coming out of various Canucks hockey games, concerts and other major events over the next several weeks.

“SkyTrain can make adjustments on the fly if there is crowding or service issues during these maintenance times,” he said, adding delaying the work start is a possibility if a hockey game runs late.

Most Canucks fans will be boarding at Stadium on eastbound trains and won’t be affected by the tunnel work.

He said crews won’t work on the U2 concert night of Oct. 28.

There will also be no disruption on Remembrance Day and the construction will be delayed by 90 minutes on Nov. 5 due to a B.C. Lions game.

Canada Line service isn’t affected.

The Dunsmuir Tunnel originally opened in 1932 so passenger trains could go through downtown without mixing in traffic. It was converted to SkyTrain use in the 1980s.

Zabel said the work to deal with seepage is routine and must be addressed periodically.

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