– Poor RAV Line system signage – continued

Yet more examples…


At the Waterfront station: once you get off the train and enter the platform area you have to decide which way to exit. Looking to your left  (above) you can see signage clearly marked as the Cordova Street exit…


Looking to the right you can just see a small “Way Out” sign at the top of the escalator…  missing the street location information…


Taking the escalator up you can now clearly see the exit sign – but have no idea where it’s leading you…


Off the escalator and walk 30 or 40 feet and you finally see the street location … “Oh, THIS is where the Granville Street exit is!” says a passenger.


And just in case you missed the first sign – there’s two more within feet of each other with the same Granville Street exit message. So from no Granville Street exit location indicators on the platform, to over-usage on the concourse level – the RAV signage is still a mess.

photos stuart matthews

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  1. metoo Says:

    billions spent on the system, and five bucks on the signage… just goes to show you that engineers have NO idea about customer service

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