– Portland, USA, building it’s fifth light rail line

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Portland, like many cities round the world, are abandoning heavy rail in favour of ground-level Light Rail Transit (LRT)

Portland continues to expand its light rail network with the opening of the Green Line. The Green line is 13.35 km. long and cost CAD $619.45 million or CAD $46.4 million per km. The higher cost of Portland’s Green line can be attributed to the fact that the new light rail-line parallels Highway 205 and much heavy engineering had to be done including building earthworks viaducts, several bridges and short tunnels.

The Green line marks Portland’s fifth light rail line and already planning is under way for a sixth light rail line and new streetcar lines.

TriMet has opened its new MAX Green Line to the public. The line is TriMet’s fifth and extends from Portland to Clackamas County, running…

The line is TriMet’s fifth and extends from Portland to Clackamas County, running a total of 8.3 miles. The line runs through the Portland State University campus, already the top destination for TriMet riders.

TriMet began construction on the $575.7 million project in early 2007.

About 60 percent of the tab was paid for with federal funds. The rest was paid for by the city of Portland, Metro, TriMet, Clackamas County and the Oregon Department of Transportation.

The Green Line will begin regular service today, with trains running every 15 minutes most hours and every 20 minutes in the early morning and late evenings.

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