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PRT Quicklinks @Innovative Transportation Technologies (washington.edu)

ULTra, ATS Ltd. A PRT system approved by the UK gov’t, promoted by the EU, and about to debut at Heathrow Airport.
ULTra videos
ULTra news & intel
USA site

2getthere (Masdar City project)

Vectus, POSCO Steel, S. Korea. A PRT program testing in Sweden; has received regulatory approval.
Vectus news & intel
2003 Flyby/JV paper

Skyweb Express, Taxi 2000 Corp. An American PRT company based in Minnesota.
Skyweb news & intel

Other PRT programs, news & intel

Skycab Sweden
Project status, mid-2005

MicroRail (TX), dual mode with PRT capability
TechVilla “EcoTaxi APGM” Finland
MIST-ER Poland
UniModal aka SkyTran
PRT International (J. Edward Anderson)
Sekaray (Turkey)
City-Coaster Austria
JPods (MN)
Y-Rail Austria

Heathrow Airport, London UK
Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden
Masdar Initiative, zero-emission car-free city (YouTube) Abu Dhabi, Foster+Partners

In the wings:
Opole, Poland
Boländerna district, Uppsala, Sweden
Airport Area Automated Transit Network, San Jose, CA
Hofors, Sweden
Hacienda Business Park, Pleasanton, CA
Aviapolis Vantaa, Finland
Bawadi hospitality-leisure development, UAE
Dubai International Financial Centre, UAE- 1, 2
Incheon Free Economic Zone

Why Rail? by Emory Bundy “Since the record of new rail systems in America is abysmal, it is puzzling why they enjoy so much support…”

A New Transportation Paradigm by A. Sheffer Lang

“This is not what I ordered”: Why trains don’t relieve traffic congestion, Parts I and II. Understanding modes of transportation as competing consumer products.

Building a Case For a New Transportation System, a Whole Systems approach. Sept. 2001, U.S. EPA Region X

What the heck is PRT? (Realvideo). Starts at 11:45.

Personalizing Public Transportation The Futurist Vol. 24 Nov-Dec 1990

“The Future of High Capacity PRT” by J.E. Anderson (Word)

Local Transport Using Self-Guided Vehicles (Car Free Times #33)

“Vision Quest” by Glenn Pascall The gist: For the LRT-monorail-highway camps, getting their technology of choice is more important than doing anything about the actual traffic-transit problem.

Rail Riders’ Dirty Little Secret How many L.A. train commuters work around the inflexibility of rail.

PRT handles the same volume as a freeway animated GIF

Example PRT Vehicles & Interiors

Billions Served: McDonald’s & service delivery

Why PRT is Less Expensive-
I Comparison Chart of PRT vs LRT and monorail
II 3 hypothetical transit systems
III Comparing revenue of the 3 systems

Calculating the capacity of PRT

PRT loops are uni-directional; Why PRT is faster than driving in congestion

A paper on PRT control systems

Analysis & Simulation of Automated Vehicle Stations

Detailed cost estimates for a Taxi 2000 system proposed for Cincinnati. The system would have cost only $8.52 million per mile.

State of Minnesota validates PRT concept, technical feasibility

How much will it cost?

Exercises: Costing a Seattle system–
I What a Seattle PRT system might cost
II How much PRT the ETC could buy with $1.23 billion

How PRT low cost & high ridership are derived

Service Effectiveness of PRT vs. Collective-Corridor Transport Journal of Advanced Transportation 37:3

You’ve Got Rail 11-6-02

Social Equity & Transit Modes
. . . Save Our Valley loses appeal

Transit Oriented Development, Land Use & Transit Modes TOD News Index

PRT as corporate campus shuttle

What is intrusive? Large vs. small structures
Transit, homeland security & PRT
Dual Mode/RUF: My Misgivings
Seattle Green Line cost notes, Sept. 2003

Megaprojects and Risk“, Bent Flyvbjerg, PhD

“PRT Is a Joke”
Is A Joke!

Defending PRT with humor, creativity and FACTS
PRTJJ v.1 (2005)
Analyses of PRT that got the facts wrong<!–font color=”red”> UpDaTeD</font–>, and A case in point.

“PRT is unproven”– or is it?

The Gatekeepers: interests that don’t want you to know about PRT.

Regarding claims by “LightRailNow.org”—here are the rebuttals:
Rebuttal by J. Edward Anderson <!–br>      • Rebuttal by Steve Anderson</a–>
Rebuttal by Bill Wilde
SoundPRT responds

The “See How They Distort” Library <!–font color=”red”>U P D A T E D</font–>
Debunking a persistent critic

Who’s in whose pocket? <!–p>Faith-based congestion relief</a–>

Innovative Transit Systems: survey of current developments Swedish Agency For Innovation (requires Adobe Acrobat).  See page 11 (13 of 56) and page 17 (19 of 56)

Personal Rapid Transit: A Potential New Urban Transport Solution, European Union, Institute for Prospective Technological Studies

SeaTac PRT Major Investment Study, 1997. The first MIS ever performed for an application of a PRT technology anywhere in the world.

Alternative PRT Systems for Kungens Kurva (EDICT study city Huddinge, Sweden)
PRT- a High-quality, Cost-efficient and Sustainable  Public Transport system for Kungens Kurva 2005, EU-EDICT/Transek

Status and Potential of Personal Rapid Transit (2003), Advanced Transit Assn.

Personal Rapid Transit in Stockholm- Market demand and Economic Appraisal Dept. of Technology & Society, Lund University, Sweden

PRT: a suitable transport system for urban areas in Sweden? (1998). Rarely-scene illustrations & photos starting p. 50

Telektronikk 1.2003 papers on ITS and PRT by Telenor Group R&D division

PRT & Telenor Involvement (Norway telcom company), 2003 <!–p>SeaTac PRT Program (Jakes Associates)</a–>

Moving Ahead with PRT (EU 5th Framework)

CityMobil (EU 6th Framework)

APGM Feasibility Study (Finland)

“The Future of High Capacity PRT” by J.E. Anderson (2006, Word)

Feasibility Study for Santa Cruz, CA (2007, pdf)

Viability of PRT in Virginia (pdf, 2008)

The following are Zip compressed archives:
Life-Cycle Costs and Reliability Allocation in Automated Transit, 1977 (.rtf)
The Birth of a Breakthrough in Urban Transportation, North Park College, 1994 (.rtf)
Control of PRT Systems, 1998 (.rtf)
Matching Capacity to Demand, 1998 (.doc)
Simulation of the Operation of PRT Systems, 1998 (.rtf)
How Innovation can make Transit Self-Supporting, 2006: (.doc) (.pdf not compressed)

Also available (via partner site):
“The Future of High Capacity PRT”, 2006 (.doc – not compressed)

Transit Systems Theory 1978, 1996, 340 pages

“Comparison of the weight per unit length of a pipe guideway with a truss guideway,” 2007. Google Document

The Complete Bibliography

Automated Guideway Transit: an assessment of PRT and other systems U.S. Congress Office of Technology Assessment (Complete; 1975)

Fundamentals of Personal Rapid Transit by Jack Irving (1978, full book)

A 1999 Minneapolis Star Tribune column about Taxi 2000 and makes the case for PRT

The Raytheon Legacy (1990s)
Korean partner still active?
2006: oblique aerial photo

Reinventing The Wheel by Eric Scigliano

Still in a Class of Its Own Morgantown, WV (1970s-Present)
Now that’s capacity Real or WMP video clip
Morgantown system’s 30th anniversary

Cabinentaxi (Germany, 1970s-80s)

Skyloop A committee advocating Taxi 2000 in Cincinnati.
Committee votes down Sky Loop, Cincy Post article
• Cincinnati Skyloop final report on the Central Area Loop Study (requires Acrobat)
• The full Skyloop rebuttal to PB Farradyne’s negative analysis of Taxi 2000 shows just how badly PB bungled the job. (requires Acrobat)

Get There Fast Seattle-area PRT activists

Advanced Transit Association

Airfront.21 (Trans.21)

Seattle PRT discussion group at Yahoo! Groups
CPRT PRT activism in Minneapolis-St. Paul
Skyweb Express window stickers on sale
ACPRT Austin, TX. See “Skeptics Corner”
Cities21 Silicon Valley
PRT for the San Francisco Bay Area
Gruppo Modena Strada Amica Modena, IT
PRT New Zealand
Edmontonians for PRT
Connect Ithaca

Prof. Jerry Schneider’s Innovative Transportation Technologies

Public Interest Transportation Forum
Innovative passive train switch
Paderborn “modular” intercity rail

Toyota Prius and Civic
Mitsubishi “i”
The Tango: Stopping Traffic
Cleanest and dirtiest cars
“Tethered” electrics are more efficient

Car Busters
Green Car Congress
Embrio mono-cycle
Monotracer (Peraves EcoMobile) (enclosed motorcycle)
Toyota PM
Vandenbrink Carver (banking tri-wheel pod)
Naro tilting pod
Low profile electric bicycle hub motor
Test of road vehicle automation

Citistates Group urban policy journalism by Neal Peirce and Curtis Johnson
Calthorpe Associates
Alternative, natural drainage sidewalks
Traffic calming in 3 European cities
Poundbury, UK
Restoration of Cheonggyecheon (Seoul ROK) MSIE only
Shared Street (woonerfs)
‘Free parking’ comes at a price
“Second gen” traffic calming (“The Brink”)
“Invisible” traffic calming in Hampton, VA
From China: Traffic signal countdown signs

C is for Crank
Cascade Bicycle Club
Trek Portland
Raleigh Sojourn
SRAM iMotion 9sp hub
TrailTech HID headlights
D Toplight

Powerflare LED beacons
Back-left rack mounting (YouTube)

Alan Durning’s “bicycle neglect” series
Gmaps Pedometer Map your route and get mileage, elevation profile
Down Low Glow lightbar

1993 technology alternatives study rigged against buses?

Giving buses the same limitations as trains

Plan to make buses 3 minutes faster endangers Aurora Ave. businesses

A Metro bus pollutes nearly 60x more than a new passenger car. . . facts hold up under criticism

How might PRT compare with Bus Rapid Transit? 6-20-03

Nightmare bus commute 5:34 Realaudio

Hybrid BRT could do better than LRT
Initial hybrid bus MPG lousy
Earlier claims of 20-40% mileage gains
• 1 year later: 31% better fuel economy

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