Glitch overcharges Golden Ears Bridge passholders

CBC News

Some commuters crossing the Golden Ears Bridge claim they are paying more than they should because the automated tolling system is mistakenly overcharging some drivers.

Rick Cluff, host of The Early Edition, CBC Radio’s Metro Vancouver morning show, told TransLink spokesman Drew Snider Tuesday that the electronic system appears to be having difficulty reading licence plates in the dark.

“We’re hearing from some regular commuters on that bridge, claiming they’re being overcharged with the Quickpass program because when it’s dark outside, the cameras can’t read the licence plate properly, and they’re charged full price and not the discount price,” said Cluff.

Snider responded that this was something TransLink, the Metro Vancouver transportation authority that operates the bridge, would have to look into.

“I heard those before. Another reporter asked me that yesterday .… It’s a new technology, and if that’s a glitch in it, you can bet we’re going to work on it and get it fixed,” said Snider.

It was not clear how many vehicles might have been affected, but in the meantime, drivers are being asked to monitor their toll charges closely when they get their bills and to contact the operators to have any extra charges reversed.

“Certainly, if they just contact Quickpass tolling, the company running it, they’ll be able to fix it up,” said Snider.

The new bridge, east of Vancouver, connects Maple Ridge on the north side of Fraser River with Surrey and the Trans-Canada Highway on the south side of the river.

It opened June 16 and operated for the first month free of charge. During that period, almost 1.18 million vehicles crossed it with an average of approximately 38,000 vehicles a day.

In the month after tolling began, July 16 to Aug. 15, some 620,000 vehicles crossed the bridge, an average of 21,000 a day.


Woman says she was double billed for Quickpass


If you take the Golden Ears Bridge as part of your commute you may want to double check your TransLink bill.

Langley resident Penny Steele claims she has been overcharged several times through the Quickpass program because the cameras on the bridge can’t always read her license number correctly.

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