Hamilton plans for rapid transit

Providing Rapid Transit in Hamilton has been about more than just the provision of an improved transit system.  It is an opportunity to potentially transform our community.  City Council has endorsed a Rapid Transit vision statement, which will guide all rapid transit planning as we begin to implement Hamilton’s “BLAST” system.

The alternatives presently being reviewed for the City of Hamilton’s B-Line corridor include both Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and Light Rail Transit (LRT), with consideration being given to the following:
• maintaining one-way traffic and one-way transit operation;
• two-way traffic and two-way transit operation; and
• two-way transit operation on one-way streets (contra-flow).

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Although it is important to keep in mind that the Province, through Metrolinx, is driving the implementation of rapid transit in Hamilton, the City will have an opportunity to provide input.  Your comments continue to be an integral part of this planning process.

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