NYC Mayor wants to improve transit

Help Mike Bloomberg Fix the MTA. Make Your Voice Heard!

New Yorkers depend on our subways, buses, ferries, and bridges every day. They are the lifeblood of our City. Yet our transit system is run by the MTA, and controlled by Albany. We pay the price. Join Mike Bloomberg. Demand Better Transit Now!

Mike Bloomberg has a 33-point plan to give New Yorkers the transit system we deserve. His plan: Technology to improve service. More express trains and free cross-town bus service. Faster express bus service for the outer boroughs, and gateless express tolls on bridges and tunnels. A new 311 transit hotline, upgraded security, and the accountability the MTA needs to cut waste and save millions. Click here to see Mike’s Plan and how it will help your commute.

Please sign Mike’s petition and deliver a loud message to the MTA! NYC needs Better Transit Now! Your ride. Your City. Your voice. No more excuses, no more delays. Together, we can get the bus and subway system we deserve.



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