Digital bus ads are safety hazards

Typical Digital Bus Ad

Typical Digital Bus Ad

Exclusive Eye Witness Bulletin

A few Vancouver buses are equipped with illuminated, digital ads. However, at night the ads are so bright they cause glare, so much so that the mirror becomes useless. The bus driver, talking with the TransLink maintenance guy, refused to drive the bus until the display unit was turned off. He did say he had spoken about this serious safety problem with all parties concerned. If only TransLink management would listen to the operators or the union. There is a serious communications gap between the real world and the boardroom.



Lamar Advertising recently completed the next phase in its network of digital signage on B.C.’s Canada Line of commuter transit.

The digital signage deployment features over 170 screens, in more than 40 locations on metro Vancouver’s TransLink public transit system, which includes ferries, buses, trains and subways.

Lamar’s Commuter Digital Network currently includes screens located on the Sky Train’s SeaBus, Expo, Millennium and West Coast Express transportation lines. This new phase of the deployment is on the recently opened Canada Line. The network is used to entertain and inform commuters with transit information, advertising, news, weather and sports highlights.

The entire system is managed remotely using Omnivex software.

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