– TransLink: First week of Canada Line successful


High numbers of new transit users

by Erin Loxam

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Some complaints about overcrowding, and a few technical glitches – that’s  the extent of problems in the first week of the Canada Line. TransLink considers the first week a success.

TransLink’s Ken Hardie has actually been surprised by the number of folks trying out the line, “The cash receipts coming out of the ticket machines have been very strong, in the neighbourhood of $40,000 a day. What that means is many people are sampling the line. New people are riding rapid transit that weren’t doing it before because on our other services, most people have passes or pre-purchased tickets.”

But the real test comes September 7th when the bus integration takes place – ending the run of the 98 B-Line and upsetting many coming from South Surrey who will be forced to transfer to the Canada Line.  He looks forward to finding out how well that change works, “The Bridgeport station will be a focus because many of those long-haul routes will now terminate at Bridgeport and many people will make the transfer there.  In addition, Bridgeport will be quite a hub because there are also 1,200 parking spaces set aside in the daytime at the big parkade next to the River Rock Casino.”

He hopes that people upset over the termination of  long haul bus service should give it a go before getting back in their cars, “The main thing for them is to try it. When we look at all those long-haul bus services from the south of the Fraser, our average fare box recovery on those was something like 21%. We were subsidizing almost 80% of the cost of those trips. With these changes, people will have faster service, they’ll get to where they’re going more quickly in most cases and because the buses don’t have to travel as long of a distance we can have more in the course of a day.”


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