– Canada Line Signage Blunders

Took my first ride on the new Canada Line today.  When I arrived at the first station I noticed the platform location signage can’t be seen from inside the car!  What?!

Inside the car or out on the platform station signage is placed too low to be seen properly. It should have been placed much higher up and the font size increased significantly for maximum visibility.

Who were the ‘professionals’ who designed this signage and never tested it?

When I pointed out this error to the attending and obviously tired staffer, she exclaimed “Your right. I’ll let them know”. When I mentioned I was writing a blog about transit in BC she immediately asked if I had anything positive to say about the Canada Line. I assured her I did. Sometimes.

Signage inside the car was no help either. It keep displaying  various station names across the screen, rather than stopping and just displaying the station I arrived at. The only way I knew where I was on the line was the voice announcement.

Inside the car or out on the platform stationj signage is placed to low to see.  I feel like a genuis compared to all the design professionals who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars designing and way-finding system.

Updated: Fri Sep. 04 2009: Crombie added that InTransit is working on improving signage along the Canada Line route, so that when a train pulls into a station, riders can look out the windows and quickly see what station they’re at.



Also lacking was signage indicating the elevator location. I finally found it, hidden at the end of the platform.


Canada Line Elevator floor indicators

Canada Line Elevator floor indicators

Yet more problems: in the elevator you have to guess what the letters S and C stand for. And where’s the T? (In early Sept. CBC reported on this incompetence as well)


Unknown building springs up in downtown VAncouver

Unknown building springs up in downtown Vancouver

And finally the most obvious error… no street level signage indicating a subway.


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  1. metoo Says:

    and you can barely read the signage that is there!

  2. TransView Says:

    One would think that for 2 or 3 billion dollars we could have a subway system designed by professionals. From lack of seating at stations, to stupid placement of signage, just to name two glaring errors, TransLink’s incompetence continues to shine at every level.

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