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by theleftcoast.ca

Well, as we said in our initial posting, the trains run very quietly and smoothly. Much quieter and smoother than the Millennium or Expo Line trains have ever run. Which is great, but then who really cares how quiet they are because they are underground the length of Cambie.

As well as being quiet, the trains are quite spacious. At each entrance there is an open area designed for people in wheelchairs or commuting cyclists. The seats looked comfy although we did not have an opportunity to rest our weary laurels on a seat at any time of the journey. We also saw on the TV news that a suitcase can be slipped under the seat to get it out of the way as you are traveling along the line from the airport. We had to wonder how all those thousands of security personnel are going to respond to this feature during the 2010 Olympics. Imagine the train-system being shut down and bomb-sniffing dogs being deployed because some forgetful tourist from Germany has left behind their carry-on. However, it is a great feature to make more space for people to stand.

The Canada Line trains are air-conditioned so as to avoid the Millennium and Expo Line armpit odour that develops like rotting cabbage in the heatwaves that hit our fair city on occasion. However, even though the Canada Line trains are air-conditioned, whenever the train would pull into a station and the doors would open a burst of air would pour into the train making it that much more pleasant. That burst of fresh air was a result of a significant  amount of wind that moves through the stations. That wind is due to the fact that much of the Canada Line runs in a tunnel. While the wind tunnel effect was more than welcome on the inaugural day of operation, we did wonder how welcome that wind would be on a frigid January evening when we would be standing at a station platform waiting for a train home after a long day at work.

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