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It’s time BC adopted the newest technology available rather than building hugely expense locomotive systems.  You can’t solve 21st Century problems with 18th Century technology!

ULTra is a revolution in sustainable public transport, providing on-demand driverless travel ULTra offers an advanced form of PRT (Personal Rapid Transit), ready for application, giving effective, low cost and sustainable transport for cities, airports and special developments worldwide.

As reported in the Guardian newspaper

Spun out of the University of Bristol in 1995, Advanced Transport Systems is aiming to develop a new generation of personal transport suitable for efficient and pollution-free urban public transport.

Whilst the aim would not be to replace rail or bus systems in all locations, there are likely to be many locations where this system would be a more suitable option.

The company has begun developing a prototype system based on small, light and energy efficient vehicles on a dedicated guideway network. The company believes that, whilst similar systems have been attempted in the past, the convergence of improved technologies and greater need means this system has great potential for the future.


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