– Futuristic Heathrow taxis could replace buses and cars in cities

Driverless taxis are being introduced at Heathrow airport in a world’s first for a futuristic transport system.

Before the exhibition I had a chat with enthusiastic inventor professor Martin Lowson, who firmly believes his ULtra Personal Pod cars can transform city centre travel providing an alternative to buses and cars where there are snarl ups.

He told me: “It’s a world first. The basic idea of Personal Rapid Transport has been around for a while but this is the first contract anywhere in the world. It’s like a personal automatic taxi but it runs on a special road which can obviously be a much smaller road than you would normally have to use.

“There is a network of stations and you go to a station and there’s usually a vehicle waiting there for you

“You make the doors open and you get in and when you’re happy you tell the vehicle where you want to go.”

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