Subway suspect in court

Dufferin Subway Station, Toronto

Dufferin Subway Station, Toronto


Toronto StAR – Staff Reporters

Feb 14, 2009 01:44 PM

Three psychiatric drugs were requested in court today for the man charged with pushing two teenage boys onto the subway tracks with a train coming.

One victim was Jacob Greenspon, son of Globe and Mail editor-in-chief Edward Greenspon. Both boys scrambled under the platform overhang lip to safety, although the train grazed Jacob’s left foot.

A third boy was also pushed but retained his balance and did not fall.

Adenir DeOliveira, 47, of Toronto, is charged with three counts of attempted murder and two counts of assault in connection with events yesterday at Dufferin Station.

Dressed in a yellow fleece jacket and white trousers, DeOliveira leaned heavily on a wooden railing and appeared slightly dazed and unresponsive as a Crown prosecutor asked whether he understood the charges against him.

Duty counsel Al Hart requested the drugs for the prisoner. A bail hearing is scheduled for Tuesday.

The incident occurred just as the train approached at 4:45 p.m. The driver pushed his emergency stop when he saw the 14 and 15-year-old boys being pushed onto the tracks. One managed to crawl under the platform.

But when he saw his friend trapped on the tracks he dragged him to safety, Sgt. John Dubreuil told the Star last night.

A third teen was pushed, but managed to keep his balance. Both teens on the tracks were taken to Sick Kids hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Two of the boys’ friends (all 14 or 15) tried pursuing the suspect but ran back to help their friends when they saw others chasing the man.

The suspect assaulted a TTC officer, then ran up the stairs.

He was followed by a TTC collector and a Good Samaritan, westbound passenger Tom Billings, 30, who said he heard “crazy screaming” and ran to help, discovering a TTC collector in a knock-down fight with a suspect.

As the suspect fled, Billings and the TTC collectors followed him as he crossed south of Bloor, headed southbound on Dufferin St.

The suspect then assaulted the Good Samaritan, but the two men were able hold him outside the Dufferin Mall until police came.

“When they came he took his jacket off and said he was unarmed,” said Billings. The suspect was “really angry” and “in crisis.”

He said he’d been waiting to be seen at a hospital for 12 hours and left without seeing anybody, Billings said.

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