Re: Bridge won't please all the people

Letter write Robert Collings rightly points out that Port Mann Bridge traffic has varied origins and destinations.

Given this, there are many trips that could easily be accommodated by a fast, efficient transit service and many that could not.

Shifting a significant minority of travellers to transit and using queue-jumper lanes to bypass congestion would lead to an immediate and dramatic reduction in congestion.

But Collings’s attempts to dismiss that possibility by using a North-Vancouver-to-Abbotsford trip as an example and asking if that hypothetical traveller would switch to transit. His argument in favour of a new bridge, which gets more expensive every month, relies on ignoring all the trips that could easily be made by transit instead.

With peak oil and climate change upon us, better transit is the way of the future. New roads are a road to ruin.

Ron van der Eerden


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