Advanced is available today

Advanced technology is available today, so why are we using locomotives suspended off the ground by massive, ugly concrete pillars?

Why does public transportation lack leadership in innovation to create research and develop new emerging technology?

Why do we pay and pay and pay for public transit?

We pay taxes to Government who provides corporate welfare grants dedicated to preserving the status quo and to support jobs in a dying industry run by millionaires? These grants result in government conflict-of-interest situations where transportation authorities are forced to pick from existing technology rather than emerging technology that could feasibly revolutionize the public transportation industry.

We pay again through Provincial and Federal taxes for buses, trains etc… and to design, and build supporting infrastructure.

We pay again to subsidize the services to keep the transit fares ‘affordable’.
And then we must pay again a premium price to use the services.

Canadian government studies recommended a personal modal transportation system now known at Personal Rapid System (PRT); yet there is no government or venture capital support for research and development of such a system.

The new RAV system costs an average of 90 million dollars per kilometer and could end up costing hundreds of millions more before it’s finished and covers only a narrow path of convenience. New emerging technology could be built for about 2 million dollars per kilometer and cover a much broader user base with timely convenient affordable service.

All transit users want is comfort, convenience and affordability while public transit lacks comfort, convenience and affordability. Our current system serves few users in a comfortable fashion, is not convenient for the majority of users, and is growing less and less affordable in every way.

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  1. cris Says:

    Like anyone really cares, look all these governments are all into the same BS they collect money but they divide up among themselves. Olga Illich refuses to increase the pay wage for minimum workers, but don’t say no to the parliment increase in which most BC MPs sit out anyways. City of Vancouver and thier Olympic problems, private parties of the Olympic nature in Richmond, in a place that tax payers are building but cannot attend unless John Furlong says you can, its BC. Time to vote another party in one that will A) Cut up all Olympic ventures, it’s upto VANOC and Vancouver to find their way. B) Give public transit back to the public not some morons that get paid $1500 a meeting to only be there in voice. C) Rip out the Liberal government out of everyday life in BC. They’re the reason this province is going down the drain!

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