Michael Cox firing disgusting

Michael Fox - fired for telling the truth

Michael Cox - fired for telling the truth

The firing of trainee Michael Cox for exercising his freedom of speech is just another example of  Coast Mountain Bus Company’s poor management. Mr. Cox has deleted his blog.



Mr Cox replies

February 12, 2009 – 9:25 AM

I’m the driver that got fired. There is NO suggestion box at the depot (there is one for environmental concerns). Of course we can write to our supervisors, or higher up the chain, about our concerns.

My blog was not a series of anti-CMBC rants. Far from it. I liked my job, I was proud to wear the uniform, and greeted my passengers in a friendly and professional manner. I thought it would be interesting for the public to get an insight into transit “from behind the wheel” rather than as an outsider, a transit user, for which there are websites.

Most of the articles I wrote focused on the technique and technology of bus driving, both here and in other cities. I wrote about some of the encounters I had, and other drivers I talked to had, with passengers (always keeping their names out of the reports).

On my front page I stated that the blog did not represent the views of either my employer or my union, and were mine and mine alone.

In the articles critical of the company, I took care to write about the frustrations we drivers faced in the snowstorms, the frustrations of the passengers we could not pick up, or who we had to tell we couldn’t get them home; I made creative, positive and proactive suggestions based not just on what I, a new driver, thought, but on what I’d heard other drivers talking about (again, anonymously).

The point is: In my enthusiasm to describe the ups and downs of this job, I wrote things which my employer thought were harmful to the company. That may or may not be the case, but as my employer they had every right to tell me to stop, to edit, to delete the blog. Instead, they gave me no warning, they offered me no opportunity to change or even delete the blog; they called me in, they told me they didn’t like what I was doing; and they fired me, all on the same day.

And even though I am underemployed I am quite busy writing and looking for work with an employer who values creative, intelligent, independent and yes, loyal, employees: my blog had links to the CMBC employment pages, to Translink, to the Buzzer blog…I WAS proud to be a Coast Mountain bus driver, but they didn’t see it that way, and that’s their loss.

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  1. peter Says:

    Are we living in China?! It’s more of the BC Liberal’s mentality at work.

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