BC Ferries insults survivors

Some of the survivors of the sinking of the  say they would rather go to court and fight than accept a proposed settlement of a mere $1,000 from BC Ferries.

Survivor Maria Kotai and her husband were moving from Kitimat when the ferry sank with all their possessions on board in a moving van. They’ve been offered $5,000, an offer that Kotai called insulting.

“As you can see from the offers, we are given another slap in the face,” she said in an email to CBC News. “After almost three years of waiting for a fair settlement, which [David Hahn, BC Ferries CEO] said he would give us, this is the value they place on our lives.

BC Ferries management, callous as ever,  is doing its best to limit payouts. The truth is their incompetence, in part, caused the accident where two lives were lost.

The correct action would be for most senior management to resign in shame.

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