Gordon Campbell's Magical Green Transit Plan


Gordon Campbell announced today the “bajillion” dollars he plans on spending on transportation over the next 12 years. The plan includes, “$10.3-billion in four new rapid transit lines in Metro Vancouver, $1.2-billion for a new rapid bus service in Kelowna, Victoria, and Vancouver, and $1.6-billion investment in 1,500 new buses and related maintenance.” [CTV, Global TV Video]

My favorite part of the days events was Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon’s boast on why size or cash matters, “One new transit line was committed to in each of the previous three decades. This plan delivers three lines in the next decade.”

One could only imagine being a fly on the wall with Gordon Campbell and Kevin Falcon before they announced this. Falcon: “biggest. spending project in BC. ever sir. your legacy!” Gordo: “High Five. Iz nice” (In a Borat voice obvs.)

Now if only we could add to the seven or eight cabs in the city and we’d be totally laughing.

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