TransLink, B.C. Liberals out of step with world

From the Straight

“What transit organization would do such a thing?” asks an advocate, responding to TransLink’s exhortations to not take transit [“TransLink ads ‘frustrating’”, May 22-29]. How about an organization with a board representing economic interests that want to make sure we keep shelling out the majority of our transportation dollars for more roads, gas, and flashy projects? The last thing our current government wants to see is a critical mass of commuters using transit, as is found in most European cities and many of those in eastern North America.

In much of the civilized world, the majority uses transit, thereby caring about it, resulting in spacious, clean, and effective mass transit for all, not our crowded, inefficient sardine cans that perpetuate a cycle of neglect by those who vote but drive. Perhaps the price of oil will eventually compel B.C. and gas-guzzling cities to finally catch up with the rest of the world, but with entities like the B.C. Liberals actively discouraging common sense, we’re in for a couple of very nasty decades.

> Jon Scop / Vancouver

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