Transportation for the future

Here is the Toronto Star’s entire series on transportation for future

Today and for the next five days, the Toronto Star will look at key transportation challenges facing the region and how other cities have tackled them. Ideas include road tolls, HOV lanes, parking and financial incentives to get people to share rides, take transit, walk, cycle and work a compressed week. Planners are trying to create communities easily accessible by public transit and other modes but also destinations in themselves, attracting workers, residents, shoppers and recreation seekers.


Part 1: Road map to recovery

The genuinely better way

Video: Metrolinx chair’s vision

Part 2: Where the buck meets the toll road

London cuts traffic 20%

Speak Out: Toll roads

James: Don’t alienate drivers

Part 3: A model for sane transportation

Part 4: Seattle’s success

Part 5: Time for decisions

Innovations take education

Part 6: Ditching the car

Part 7: Free transit?


Dwindling investment (.pdf)

Creating the network (.pdf)

Congested roads, 2001 and 2031 (.pdf)

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