Create your own tax break with public transit


Once I’ve weeded through to the articles in the Straight, I almost always find worthwhile reading. I appreciate your reprints of Naomi Klein, as the Nation is hard to find on newsstands. The article by Gwynne Dyer on oil prices [“Sky-high oil price no disaster”, August 18-25] was the most useful analysis I have read on the subject in some time. However, though I would agree that in macro-economic terms oil would have to stay high (above $60 per barrel) for some time to have a big impact, the fact is the consumer is feeling the pinch right now in his/her wallet. Every extra dollar spent on gas is one not being spent on other, more productive-i.e., job-creating-products. And now that our compassionless government has decided we do not even deserve a gas-tax break, I guess we’ll have to live with it. Personally, I’ve decided to fight back by taking public transit once a week instead of my car, or biking to work, weather and gumption permitting. I figure I’ll save about $5 after factoring in the $4 transit fare. Out of that $5, about $2 is taxes, so that’s about $100 per year that I’ll be saving on gas taxes! Not to mention that transit is subsidized, so I’m also getting some tax dollars back there too. A small victory, to be sure, but well worth the extra 15 minutes’ travel time.

> Charles Leduc / Vancouver

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